Term And Condition
Responsibilities of the client and general work terms:
Before commencing any work, such information must be furnished.
Data entry, web hosting, and custom artwork/graphics-related tasks are excluded from the Contract unless explicitly specified, paid for, and mutually agreed upon by both parties.
The client bears sole responsibility for supplying Nexmove Solutions with all site content, including text and multimedia.
Nexmove Solutions and/or its suppliers will maintain ownership of artwork, images, and text provided on behalf of the client, unless otherwise agreed upon.
Data we collect includes:
Before allowing Nexmove to proceed with fulfilling the contract, the client is solely responsible for ensuring proper backups of all content on their site.
Nexmove Solutions shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage to existing data under any circumstances.
Nexmove Solutions will strive to deliver all services within the estimated time frame. However, there may be instances where unforeseen events necessitate an extension of time, such as deployment issues or dependencies on third-party support.

Nexmove Solutions has the right to publish and utilize the data, files, and graphics provided by the Client, while the Client retains the copyright to such materials. If any third party has copyrighted information or files, the Client must obtain permission and rights to use them. Nexmove Solutions is responsible for obtaining permission and rights for use from the Client and indemnifying Nexmove from any claims arising from the Client's negligence in obtaining appropriate copyright permissions. The Client guarantees that all permissions and authorities have been obtained by signing a contract for website design and/or placement and may be required to provide proof of permissions and authorities.

During the design phase and upon completion of the website, Nexmove will provide the Client with an opportunity to review its appearance and content. If the client does not respond within seven days, the material will be deemed automatically accepted.

Upon installation/deployment, Nexmove is not liable for any alterations made to the Client's pages or website by the Client or a third party, including additions, modifications, or deletions.